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What Is His Secret Obsession?

What Is His Secret Obsession?


Develop Irresistible Attraction
Discover the secret to connecting with a man so that he opens up his true self, the part that’s reserved only for you, and builds an unbreakable bond of intimacy that will last a lifetime.

Ready To Understand Men
Discover the secret to connecting with a man so that he opens up his true self, the part that’s reserved only for you, and builds an unbreakable bond of intimacy that will last a lifetime.



3 Habits of Highly Attractive Women

Everyone has a “type.”

The men you find attractive aren’t necessarily the same ones your best friend finds attractive.

But if you take a group of men, chances are, you and your friends would agree on which are the most attractive of the bunch.

That attractiveness wouldn’t just be physical.

You’d be paying attention to other qualities, too, like whether he seems like a good person, whether he’s got friendly eyes, and whether you could have a decent conversation with him.

Yet when it comes to figuring out what makes women attractive…

It’s easy to assume that men are entirely visual.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Men just want a pretty face”? It can seem as if men pass over women with great personalities in favor of women with perfect bodies.

But it’s not either-or.

Men aren’t either interested in a woman’s personality or her body.

They’re interested in both.

Men see a woman as more physically attractive when her personality is highly attractive.

Being beautiful on the inside animates you in beautiful ways. The way you smile, the way you gesture, and the way you interact with a man make him perceive you as incredibly attractive, even if you may not come across as model-material in a mug shot.




So, which personality traits are most irresistible to men?

Which qualities make you radiate from the inside out?

Here are 3 habits of highly attractive women.

Habit #1.
Highly attractive women express warmth.
Warmth is one of the most attractive personality traits of all.

Men perceive emotional warmth as highly feminine. (Coolness or detachedness are seen as masculine traits.)

A woman’s emotional warmth reassures a man that she will be friendly and receptive, rather than critical and rejecting.

Emotional warmth is also associated with affection and love. For a man who’s looking for a relationship, nothing could be more important.

Habit #2.
Highly attractive women are curious.
There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in conversation with someone who’s only interested in talking about themselves.

Many dates turn out to be an endless cycle of self-promotion, as your date tries to convince you that they’re a catch.

Then there are the dates that feel like interviews. Your date peppers you with one question after another. He doesn’t really care about your answer; he’s just going through the motions.

It’s such a relief to meet someone who’s actually interested in you.

Someone who sees something intriguing about you.

A person who’s curious about you will ask you thoughtful questions and listen to your answers with care.

You may find yourself reflecting even more deeply as you speak. As you explain your thoughts, you learn new things about yourself.

The same goes for men.

When a woman is genuinely curious about a man, he’s able to relax and rise to the occasion. He forgets, for the moment, that she’s a romantic prospect he’s supposed to impress. He can just be himself. Her curiosity gives him permission to shine.

When a man has stepped into his best self in the company of a woman, he never forgets it.




Habit #3.
Highly attractive women practice nonattachment.
There’s enough stress and pressure in our lives.

We don’t need more of it when we date.

But dating and relationships can be highly stressful.

We can feel pressure to play the game rather than reveal our true feelings.

We can feel the stress of having to hide our flaws so we’re seen as perfect.

There are so many expectations. So many rules.

Which is why it’s so delightful to be with someone who doesn’t care where it leads.

This person is present in the moment with you. They’re focused on this experience, right here, right now.

Sure, they’d like it to go somewhere. But they’re not attached to the outcome.

If you don’t click, you don’t click, and that’s okay.

Nonattachment is the ability to let go of the need to control things. You allow whatever happens to happen. You avoid assigning labels like “good” or “bad” to your experiences.

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re more successful with the opposite sex when you already have a boyfriend, or when you’re not actively hunting for a romantic partner.

You’re more successful because you’re not attached to a goal or outcome.

Men sense that you don’t want something from them. You’re not expecting anything. You’re okay if you say goodbye and that’s it.

There’s no pressure. There’s less stress. There’s a feeling of spaciousness and ease.

These three qualities—warmth, curiosity, and nonattachment—don’t just work in dating.

They work in all areas of your life.

Warm, curious people who aren’t driven by an agenda succeed in business, in leadership, and in life.

So don’t just cultivate these traits for the sake of being attractive. Cultivate them because they make your life richer. And if you get more male attention as a result, consider it a side benefit!

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What People Are Saying

Your His Secret Obsession course is AMAZING – one afternoon of solid listening, I’ve put it into practice and the effects are phenomenal! You truly have saved our relationship and, while it is only a week later, we are already going from strength to strength. And we both see a wonderful future ahead of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Best investment ever!!!

Claudia H.

Thank you James!

I found reading His Secret Obsession very inspiring in helping me to understand my husband and has help me to overcome many anger issues I have had with him for what he did to me and our marriage 26 years ago.

I have found peace with your readings too and I find all your blogs very helpful and useful.

I will be forever grateful to you for sharing your works with not only me but for all the other wives, girlfriends and women who read your works.

I thank you for saving my marriage!


Your research and advice was invaluable.

My boyfriend has changed from being distant and too busy to see me – and now the opposite is true.

I kept being patient for ages. Then I read the section about not bottling it all up, fuming inside. Instead I told him by text how I felt – in a nice way, full of compliments.

He immediately asked to see me, he couldn’t wait!

We had a lovely time, and I listened well, talked a bit, following your guidance on the power and beauty of silence.

I could write a lot more, but for now, I just want to say thank you, thank you x 100!