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Credit Card

A credit card is a payment instrument in lieu of cash in the form of cards issued by banks to make it easier for customers to transact. Of course there are a lot of advantages offered by these companies to customers. Below are examples of various types of credit cards from several countries

Credit card in US such as:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Citibank
  4. Chase
  5. American Express
  6. Capital One
  7. Bank of America
  8. Discover
  9. Synchrony Financial
  10. Wells Fargo
  11. Barclays US
  12. U.S Bank
  13. USAA
  14. Credit One
  15. PNC Bank


Credit card Indonesia such as:

  1. CIMB Niaga Wave n Go
  2. Citi Rewards Card
  3. Mandiri Skyz Card
  4. CIMB Niaga Visa Platinum
  5. Panin Gold Card
  6. CIMB Niaga Mastercard Gold
  7. BRI Touch Visa Gold
  8. CIMB Niaga Syariah Gold MasterCard
  9. BNI Visa Gold
  10. BRI Wonderful Indonesia
  11. Mandiri Visa Signature
  12. Panin Platinium Card
  13. Mandiri Pertamina Card
  14. MNC Bank Motion Card
  15. CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card
  16. Mandiri JCB Precius
  17. Mega Gold Card
  18. Digibank Live Fresh
  19. CIMB Niaga Syariah Platinum Mastercard
  20. Danamon Gold
  21. UOB Yolo card
  22. BCA Visa Batman
  23. BNI MasterCard Gold
  24. CIMB Niaga MasterCard Platinum
  25. UOB Preferred Platinum
  26. BNI Style Titanium
  27. UOB PRIVI Miles
  28. CIMB Niaga Precious Card
  29. BRI Easy Card
  30. Digybank Travel Visa Platinum
  31. MNC Bank Gold Credit Card
  32. Garuda – BNI Visa Signature Bank
  33. Kredivo
  34. Citi Cash Back
  35. Indodana
  36. Mega Travel Card
  37. BNI Ferrari Credit Card
  38. HSBC Platinum Cashback
  39. UOB One Card
  40. MNC Bank Platinum Credit Card
  41. Standard Chartered MasterCard Premium
  42. BRI JCB Platinum
  43. BNI Chelsea Credit Card
  44. BRI MasterCard Platinum
  45. AEON Card
  46. BNI Visa Platinum Card
  47. BNI-LOTTEMart Card Platinum
  48. BRI World Access
  49. HSBC Visa Platinum Card
  50. Mega Barca Card
  51. BNI MasterCard Silver
  52. BNI Visa Silver
  53. Citi Simplicity+
  54. BCA Black Visa
  55. Digibank Everyday Card
  56. BNI JCB Platinum Card
  57. Citi Telkomsel Card
  58. Danamon Platinum
  59. Bank BJB Credit Card Gold
  60. BCA MasterCard Platinum


Credit Card in UK such as:

  1. Tesco Bank ClubCard MasterCard
  2. Barclaycard Freedom Reward Visa
  3. HSBC Advance Credit Card
  4. Co-operative Bank 3 Year Fixed Rate Visa
  5. Nationwide Select Credit Card Visa
  6. Virgin Money 29-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard
  7. Capital One Classic Credit MasterCard
  8. Royal Bank of Scotland Rewards MasterCard


Credit Card in New Zealand such as:

  1. ANZ
  2. Kiwibank
  3. Amex
  4. Westpac
  5. ASB
  6. bnz
  7. TSB Bank


Credit Cards in Canada such as:

  1. American Express Cobalt tm Credit Card
  2. Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite * Card
  3. TD Cash Back Visa Infinite * Card
  4. BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard
  5. CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite
  6. Triangle World Elite Mastercard

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