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Insurance companies are important players in the global financial economy, come in various sizes and specialize in different policy lines.

The number of insurance companies in Indonesia certainly makes you difficult to choose which is the best. Offering almost the same benefits in every insurance company makes the selection of the insurance company itself as a case that requires all sorts of considerations.

In foreign countries or in developed countries, insurance has become one of the important needs of its citizens. They realize that insurance is the key to avoiding all kinds of financial losses in the future.

As an introduction, by looking at the uses and benefits of many insurances that can be known more deeply as a reference such as the type of insurance below:


Insurance in Indonesia such as:

– Astra life insurance

– Prudential insurance

– Allianz health insurance

– Sun life insurance

– AIA Financial

– AXA Mandiri

– FWD Life Indonesia


Insurance in the UK such as

– Business health insurance

– Small business health insurance

– Key man life insurance

– Business life insurance

– Low cost life insurance


Insurance in the US such as:

– Goico insurance

– Instant auto insurance quote

– Get auto insurance online

– Online auto insurance purhase

– Auto insurance quotes online


Insurance in Australia such as:

– Life insurance quote

– Purchase insurance online quote

– Life insurance quotes online

– Life life insurance

– Family life insurance quotes


Insurance in Canada such as:

– Auto insurance price quotes

– Home insurance quotes

– Home owners insurance quote

– Car insurance

– Commercial business insurance

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