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How to say “I’m hungry” in Japanese Language

How to say “I’m Hungry” in Japanese Language


Onaka ga sukimashita

I’m Hungry.


  1. Itadakimasu

In Japan “Itadakimasu” what you say before you begin eating. Once you have been served your meal and are ready to  eat, clearly express your appreciation with   “itadakimasu”.

2. Gochisousama

御馳走様, is the expression of thanks for “the extravagant feast meant to both entertain and provide hospitality to the guests”.it should always be used following a meal, the important point is who to direct it towards.

3. Okawari

Okawari means “More food please.” The best time to say it is when you would like some more of a particular dish. A good way to use this is when you’ve run out of rice. Saying “gohan okawari kudasai” means “More rice please.”

4. Oishii

Oishii means “The food tastes delicious.

5. Kekkou desu

Kekkou desu means “no thank you” when something is being served to you

6. Onaka ga ippai

Onaka ga ippai means “I’m full.

“Kekkou desu” and “onaka ga ippai” work well together as you’re basically saying, “No thank you, I’m full.”


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