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Subcontractor Assessment and Technical Audit for EPC Oli & Gas Fabrication

Vendor assessment and technical audit services by professional Auditor Registered (IRCA)– assess the ability of your vendor or subcontractor to deliver your orders and ensure comply with regulatory and statutory compliance.

We can assist you as Independent Auditor to carry out Subcontractor assessment and technical audit services, it is available to be conducted anywhere in the world, to make sure that your subcontractor can provide the quality health & safety that you expected.

What services we can be provided:

  • Ensure thorough independent assessments of their premises or construction site
  • Assess the ability of subcontractor to deliver your specific requirement and specification.
  • Ensure subcontractor meet all relevant statutory regulations and quality health and safety standards
  • Assessment and verification of previous, current/projected workload and equipment capabilities
  • Assessment and verification of material and product control processes include the tractability control.
  • Assessment and verification of welding and fabrication procedures
  • Verification of the quality management system ISO 9001, ISO 14001& OHSAS 18001
  • Verification of handling and storage of materials and verification for oven and electrodes
  • Verification of workshop facilities and welding, fabrication techniques
  • Verification of competence and training for employee
  • Verification of measuring equipment and calibration
  • Verification of welding consumable
  • Verification of Design and development, project planning,
  • Verification of Management of Changes
  • Verification of internal audit, control of non-conformance and corrective action
  • Verification of Lesson learning from previous project, training and competency manpower
  • Verification of non-destructive testing procedures include code standard, equipments, technicians
  • Verification of customer order processing and project planning
  • Verification of Project execution management and product realization process
  • Verification of area potential risk and opportunities from the changes
  • And the more importance is verification requirement or project requirement of client versus capabilities and abilities of Vendor or Subcontractor.

Contact us if you need any assistance to assess the ability of your vendor or sub-contractor to deliver of your product or services and ensure their compliance with statutory and regulations.



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