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How to Make a Website with WordPress

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Do you need a website, but don’t know how to make it? Take it easy, you are not alone. For most people who are learning to make a website often find it difficult because it involves coding. However, with the development of technology, now anyone can create a website without even coding knowledge.

How do you create a website without coding? This article will guide you to creating a website in six easy steps. We will explain the steps for creating your own website until your website can be accessed via the internet.

But before going to the steps to create a website, you need to know what kind of website you will create. Below are some popular types of websites based on their type.


E-commerce website or online store.

In the digital era, shopping activities are very practical. Only by using a gadget can you shop anything. You can create a website with the type of online store and sell various kinds of goods or one type of item according to your request. The benefits are clear, you don’t need to rent a place and the marketing is wider.



If you like to pour your hobbies, passions or knowledge in writing, you can create a blog to share. Not only that, you can also make money by placing advertisements on blogs, opening product review services or playing affiliates.

News Website.

If you are interested in the latest information, creating a news website is the best choice. You can create a news website with various categories or specific categories that you like. A news website is a type of website that has many visitors. But it must be accompanied by regular news updates to maintain it.

Forum Website

Contains people with similar hobbies or jobs who share knowledge, solve problems or just discuss lightly.
Portfolio Website. Introduce people to your abilities and achievements that you already have. If you are lucky, you will be contacted by a company that is in need of you to fill their company division.

For a complete discussion of the types of websites, you can read them in the article Types of Websites Based on Functions, Platforms, and Nature. After knowing the type of website you are about to make, it is time to create a website. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to create a website.


How to Make a Website with WordPress

Step 1: Determine the Website Platform
As I mentioned earlier, you will create a website without the need for coding knowledge at all. You don’t need to use HTML, CSS or even PHP code. In addition to being complicated, making a website in this way will take a long time.

Then what is the solution to your problem in creating a website? The solution is WordPress!

With a website creation platform like WordPress, you can now create websites easily and complete features without having to master programming. You only need to click on installation, enter your name, website description, and choose a template, your website can already be used and accessed via the internet.

There are several reasons why WordPress has many users. Here are a few:

Easy to use – WordPress is an easy platform to use. If you are used to using Microsoft Word or Excel, then you will easily create content for your website.
Proven Quality – WordPress can run various types of websites well, from personal websites to corporate websites. Some well-known companies that use WordPress are Disney Walts, SONY, and IBM.

Responsive – Your website will run well when accessed through a variety of devices, both mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Free – You don’t need to pay to use WordPress, just buy a domain and hosting, your website can be accessed via the internet.
Large community – If you experience difficulties when using WordPress, you can easily find solutions through the available community.
From these five reasons, it can be concluded that WordPress is the right platform to build a website

Step 2: Choose Domain and Hosting
To create a website with WordPress, you don’t need to pay anything at all. The cost you need to spend is to buy a domain name and rent hosting. If WordPress is useful for creating websites, domain names and hosting functions so that the website you create can be accessed via the internet.

You are free to choose a domain extension, from .com, .net,, .info, to .online. Each domain extension is priced at a different price

On the other hand, hosting serves to store all website files so that they can be accessed online. All changes you make in WordPress are stored on this hosting. From theme changes, adding widgets, installing plugins, draft articles, to published articles.

Hosting plays an important role in your website because all website data is stored on the hosting server. Therefore, you need to be careful and careful when choosing a hosting service. Here are some things that you should pay attention to before buying hosting:

Make sure the hosting you use has high server uptime performance
Availability of 24-hour support is also important so that if a problem occurs, hosting can be resolved immediately.
Usually hosting providers provide a variety of hosting package options. Buy a hosting package that suits your needs and budget.
Also check the security features provided by the hosting provider. Make sure the server security feature is enough to ward off malware and hacker attacks.
Server speed also needs attention. Hosting services that use LiteSpeed ​​Web Server usually show better speed performance.

You also need to check customer hosting service reviews to get an overview of the satisfaction of the hosting provider customers.
Hosting and domains can be purchased in one package. Usually for purchasing certain hosting packages, you also get a free domain. Here is an example of how to buy a domain and hosting: Click Below if you keen to learn through banner below.

Hosting Unlimited Indonesia

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